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This element contains methodology and resulting papers related to various demographic characteristics, mostly for Pacific Islanders in the Pacific, and in the United States. Generally, the files are divided into those involved in methodology, and those involved in analysis of fertility, mortality and migration.


  1. Statistical Activities

    These include reports on the Insular Areas such as the State of the Islands reports, Budget reports, college degree attainment, etc. The Insular Areas – Guam, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), American Samoa, United States Virgin Islands (USVI), Republic of the Marshall Islands, Republic of Palau, Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) must produce census reports, monographs,Housing Income and Expenditure Survey reports, Labor Force Surveys reports, Consumer Price Index, Economic Indicators, and Statistical Abstracts.

    • Census: reports, tables, summary files, monographs, Economic and Agriculture Censuses, maps, etc.
    • Intercensal Surveys: Housing Income and Expenditure Surveys, Labor Force Surveys, Migrant Surveys.
    • Administrative Records: Statistical Abstract, (yearbooks) Estimates and Projections, Consumer Price Index, etc.
    • Reports: State of the Islands Report, Budget Reports, college degree attainment, etc.


  2. Summary Statistics

    In the Statistical summaries of each island you can find statistics dealing with population, age, housing, income, employment, tourism, and Gross Domestic product. Each table has the values for the latest year for any particular Statistic. For previous years visit the Social and Economic Indicators link. The Comparative Tables link are detailed tables from the 2000 Insular Areas profile. These tables compare statistics between the islands of Guam, CNMI, American Samoa and the US Virgin Islands.

  3. Reports & Links

    After the Compacts of the Free Association were signed, Micronesian migration trends became significant, and are measured by impact reports. You will be able to see the changes of Micronesian Migration patterns through reports available in the Micronesian Migrants link as well as Impact of the Compact updates.

    Samoans have been migrating since the 1950’s. American Samoan Migration report based on the 1980 Census is available through the Samoan Migrants link.

  4. Gross Domestic Product

    All of the reports in this series refer to GDP (Gross Domestic Product). This choice of terms is meant to stress the close relationship between the production/ coverage of these estimates of aggregate economic activity in the insular areas and the analogous figures for the United States. The term GTP (Gross Territorial Product) is also used in the table below to highlight the fact that the insular areas are not independent national entities. For general purposes, the terms GDP and GTP are equivalent. Note that the estimates below are based on value added methodolgy using data from the economic census, and appear only once every five years. In the near future, we expect to post annual estimates for all territories based upon income and expenditure methodologies.

    2002 GROSS TERRITORIAL PRODUCT (Nominal Dollars)


    Low Estimate High Estimate Best Estimate Best Estimate
    Census covered Industries 1,926,591,000 2,711,945,000 2,068,965,000 2,069.0
    Government and Subsistence Agriculture 1,358,917,005 1,358.9
    Gross Territorial Product (GTP) 3,427,882,005 3,427.9
    Per Capita GTP 21,117

    Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

    Low Estimate High Estimate Best Estimate Best Estimate
    Census covered Industries 752,587,000 966,926,000 806,237,000 806.2
    Government and Subsistence Agriculture 142,422,254 142.4
    Gross Territorial Product (GTP) 948,659,254 948.7
    Per Capita GTP 12,638

    American Samoa

    Low Estimate High Estimate Best Estimate Best Estimate
    Census covered Industries 262,563,000 422,430,000 806,237,000 394.3
    Government and Subsistence Agriculture 164.443.669 164.4
    Gross Territorial Product (GTP) 558,755,669 558.8
    Per Capita GTP 9,041

    US Virgin Islands

    Low Estimate High Estimate Best Estimate Best Estimate
    Census covered Industries 1,763,925,000 2,800,668,000 2,152,187,000 2,152.2
    Government and Subsistence Agriculture 567,000,000 657.0
    Gross Territorial Product (GTP) 2,809,187,000 2,809.2
    Per Capita GTP 25,817
    Note: estimates do not include the value of imputed rent accrued by homeowners.
  5. Pop, Race & Ancestry

    This element includes information on U.S. Racial and Ethnic Groups. These groups include Alaska Natives, American Indians (Native Americans), Pacific Islanders in general, Samoans, Chamorros, Hawaiians, Tongans, Asians, general ancestry papers, and general race papers. Note that the element on Migrants includes some information on Pacific Islander and Virgin Islander groups in the United States as well.